Although many of us are drawn to our lovely, historic building and grounds, St. John’s Church is not just a building. We are a community of young and old, urban and rural, liberal and conservative, life-long, committed Christians and those exploring the Christian faith.

Given the diversity of our community, we do not seek easy answers, and are not content with half-truths. We hope to live boldly into the lives we have been given. We seek, within the context of our worshiping community, reconciliation with God, one another, and all of God’s creation. Such reconciliation is embodied when we come together every Sunday for Holy Eucharist to be nurtured and empowered by Christ to go forth into the world, rejoicing in the Spirit. It happens when we support each other in times of need, explore our faith through Scripture, literature, film or current events and when we reach out in Christ’s name to others beyond our walls.

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