The Samaritan Community

Serving Baltimore's Bolton Hill Community and Beyond

The Samaritan Community, an independent, full-service crisis intervention, assistance and counseling organization is located in Memorial Episcopal Church. The Samaritan Community has provided unique support for over 30 years to individuals and families living in crisis who wish to improve their lives. Their program is rooted in respect, hope and healing and proudly serves those simply struggling to survive, the working poor living on the edge, and the middle-class folks caught in economic turmoil, crisis or tragedy. Eligibility criteria are nothing more than the vital needs of the families and individuals who walk through their doors. As the Coronavirus Pandemic hit Baltimore, very rapidly in March, 2020, the leaders of The Samaritan Community, with the help of many volunteers retooled their operation and went from being a “drop-in” to a “seek out” organization, carrying meals to 150 individuals unable to leave their homes. Their other services continue through zoom. Our St. John’s liaison is Peter Dunn, the Samaritan Community’s Director of Community Relations.