Children’s Chapel

Children often have a remarkable ability to approach faith with simplicity, openness, and honesty. They are free from many of the obstacles that adults encounter in discipleship and in connecting with the love of God. At St. John’s, we try to remember that we are all children of God, and that children have as much to teach adults about faith as we have to teach them.

Our Children’s Chapel is a safe place for 5–9 year olds to explore and grow in their relationship with God. We seek to recognize and affirm the relationship that our children already have with God. And we invite them to explore and grow in that relationship through prayer, interaction with the stories of scripture, and fellowship with one another.

Children’s Chapel gathers from 9:45 a.m. each Sunday. As the children come together, they have the opportunity to share the “peaches and pits,” the highs and lows of their week. They then move to a time of prayer and thanksgiving before reading the Scripture together. In their lesson they discuss and creatively engage with the Scripture. This is usually the same Gospel passage that is read and preached for the adults in church, giving the possibility for families to talk about the Scripture together later. The children rejoin their families in the church for Holy Communion.

Our Children’s Chapel is led by Laura Demiri. Laura is herself a mother, and for several years worked with children and studied early childhood education. Laura, who is also the part-time financial administrator at St. John’s, finds that her ministry to children unburdens her, and brings her closer to God, reminding her to receive the Kingdom of God like a child without ego or objective.

Children’s Chapel is only one part of our programming for children and youth. Please visit our Christian Formation page to learn more. Or simply contact Laura Demiri or one of the clergy.