At St. John’s, every hymn sung, every note played, and, yes, even every kazoo buzzed is a testament to our belief that music, in all its varied forms, serves as a profound dialogue between us and the Divine. Rooted deeply in tradition yet always reaching for new heights, our music program is an integral part of our offering to the Lord.

Each Sunday from Labor Day through Pentecost we are joined by our professional quartet, passionately led by Benjamin Buchanan, our Music Director and Organist. Their renditions, ever-refreshing and inspiring, guide our congregation through moments of reflection, joy, and spiritual fervor. Our Sacred Music series includes two Evensong services as well as special musical offerings on Church holidays and Feast Days.

The spirit of the St. John’s music program is one wherein every voice matters. The quartet’s voices guide and uplift our congregational singing, and the sounds of our children's choir, which sings a few times each year, gives us a gentle reminder that the future of our faith and music lies in nurturing young hearts.

We enjoy a refreshing mixture of tradition and experimentation, including our annual celebration of National Kazoo Day, in which the entire congregation participates with jubilant enthusiasm, and other musical offerings, such as our Music Director’s arrangement of the 4th century Latin hymn Te Deum Laudamus to the music of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” This mixture of old and new is representative of the eclectic musical repertoire offered by the quartet. At St. John’s, our ears delight in Anglican classics like, Tallis and Howells, spirituals from a variety of musical traditions, as well as freshly commissioned choral works.

Our love for music resounds beyond the church walls. Each year, in an effort toward fostering racial reconciliation and equity, the music program contributes to the Diocese of Maryland’s Reparations Initiative. This serves as a way of paying royalties to the composers of beloved spirituals, and to those who created some of the musical traditions we hold dear.

The celebrated Music in the Valley chamber concert series, featuring world-class talent and wonderful food, not only fortifies our community through music and fellowship but also supports our parish ministries with its proceeds.

We are committed to fostering musical connections that transcend borders. Our partnership with the Holy Trinity Music School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, continues despite global challenges.

Music is much more than just a part of worship at St. John’s. It is a bridge, connecting us with each other and the broader world, always reaching for the Divine.