Creation and Re-creation: Re-reading Genesis after Jesus’ Resurrection

Led by Dr. Ron Haflidson

Interpretations of the opening chapters of Genesis have been both highly influential and hotly contested. Invoked as an authority on such controversial questions as the age of the earth, the role of women, and the nature of sexuality, Genesis has repeatedly been read and re-read. In these two forums, we will consider the re-readings of Genesis within the New Testament, especially those centered on Jesus.

Creation and Re-creation 1: Jesus as the Second Adam

April 21st at 9am in the Library.

One of the earliest ways that Christians began to make sense of Jesus was as a new (and improved) Adam. The life, death and resurrection of Christ demonstrated both God’s commitment to humanity, and God’s intervention to show what real humanity looks like. In this forum, we will consider some New Testament texts that reflect on Jesus as a second Adam.

Creation and Re-creation 2: Marriage, Gender and Sexuality after the Resurrection

April 28th at 9am in the Library.

One of Jesus’ most puzzling sayings in the New Testament is about eunuchs. In this forum we will consider this saying in its wider context, as part of Jesus’ own re-interpretation of Genesis, as he addresses a contemporary Jewish controversy about divorce. We will explore some other biblical texts about eunuchs, and ask about their implications for our understanding of gender and sexuality.