October Adult Forums – Mission at St. John’s

Ever wonder how we use our resources to help those in need beyond our community? Do you have an interest in helping with our outreach efforts? Join us for three Sunday Forums presented by the Mission Commission at St. John’s. At these forums, you’ll learn about an important missionary in the church, stories from Fatima and Mohammad, and an exciting new ministry that we’re supporting. Adult Forum Hour takes place at 9 a.m. in the library on Sundays between our two worship services.

October 16: The Mission of Lesslie Newbigen

The Rt. Rev. Lesslie Newbigen was known as one of the Church of South India’s first bishops. In addition, he is noted for his contributions to missiology and ecclesiology, and his involvement in conversations on ecumenism and the Gospel and Our Culture movement. Furthermore, he is one of the main forces who laid the ground work for the contemporary missional church movement. Join Judd Anderson, chair of the Mission Commission, as we explore Bishop Newbigen’s ministry, and learn how we can follow in his footsteps in our own mission efforts.

October 22: Refugee Stories and Women in Afghanistan

Fatima and Mohammad will share more of the story that led them to seek refuge in the United States. Additionally, they will discuss the nature of women’s education in Afghanistan. If you haven’ heard any of their stories, this is a forum you won’t want to miss.

October 29: Hon’s Honey

Recently, St. John’s contributed some mission funding to support Hon’s Honey, “a social enterprise dedicated to giving dignity and purpose to women’s survivors of trauma”. This is a local Baltimore ministry that is impacting the lives of women in a big way. Join us to learn more about this important organization.