Rectory Renovations

If you have been on the grounds of St. John’s this summer, you probably have noticed dumpsters, construction trucks and workers, and various equipment around the Rectory. There is a good reason for that!

When Tracy and Stephen moved out of the Rectory in January, the Property Commission, under John Shilling’s leadership, took a hard look at what improvements and renovations might need to be done to the house to bring it up to date and into good condition for a new occupant. Tracy and Stephen had nicely put up with some less than ideal conditions in the house. That, in addition to 17 years of wear and tear, prompted the Property Commission to propose an overhaul that was necessary to both preserve the historic nature of the house and to make it an attractive place for a new rector to reside. John Shilling, as head of the Property Commission, also consulted with our parishioner and real estate agent Jane Cummings to get her opinion on the extent of work needed to bring the Rectory up to code and well-functioning.

After a bidding process, the Property Commission recommended that the Vestry approve a proposal by J.A, Tiralla Contractors, which the Vestry endorsed. The work included, among other things, the replacement of very old HVAC systems (in the Rectory and the Church), exterior and interior painting, vanities and tile work for upstairs bathrooms, carpentry, screening of floors, new stairway carpet, installation of new garage doors, and generators for the Rectory and Church (with propane tank connections). Work began in May and is mostly completed.

We would like to show off the new and improved Rectory, so please join us for a Rectory Open House Coffee Hour on Sunday, September 24 at 11:15 a.m. Weather permitting, coffee hour will be set up outside of the house and the Rectory will be open for viewing. We look forward to seeing you there!