The 25th Rector of St. John’s Church, Western Run Parish

On Sunday November 19th, Ann Hankin, the Senior Warden of St John’s Church announced with great joy that the Vestry has unanimously accepted the recommendation of the Discernment Committee to call the Rev. Thomas Clement to be the 25th Rector of St. John’s Church, Western Run Parish. The news was received with a rousing standing ovation at both services.

The Discernment Committee’s evaluation process was rigorous and thorough. It received eleven applications from seven states. Applicants submitted answers to questions posed by the Committee, as well as individual ministry profiles. The Committee conducted its first round of evaluations blindly, without names or other identifying information. Once the field was narrowed, the Committee’s work intensified, which included hours of watching sermons. Of the three finalists that were interviewed, Thomas stood out on every characteristic desired by the Committee for our next Rector. Their decision was prayerful and unanimous, and its recommendation was enthusiastic.

Thomas came to St. John as Associate Rector in 2021, and since then it has become increasingly clear to many people that he is a good fit for the parish. Since his arrival, Thomas has grown to know, love, and admire the people here. He is delighted to be remaining at St John’s and to be making his home here as we enter this new phase of the parish’s life and ministry. “We minister well together,” says Thomas.

We will also be working with the Diocese to identify a day for Thomas’ Institution and Induction as Rector. We will inform the parish of all updates along the way. In the meantime, let’s share in the joy and excitement for his selection and leadership, and look forward to this next chapter in the life of St. John’s, Western Run.